Thursday, September 15, 2011

If you thought 1984 was scary, check out 2071

This piece by my twitter friend  Rafi      who gave  me permission to post his back to the future article, so that you can get a glimpse of what Rafi finds.

I just came back from the future. Back in 2062 all major cities in California and large swaths of government land in the desert had (for several years already) been taken over by Moslem colonists. It is now, in 2071, much worse than France ever got in the early twenty-twenties. The colonists have their own foreign funded (jointly by the PRC and several Arab countries) training bases in the desert while in the cities, they have legally permitted (due to their successful Muslim takeover of the California state legislature as well as the congressional delegation) and autonomous private security cum paramilitary forces (ostensibly chartered with defending the growing Muslim population from those that would deny them their civil rights as "American citizens"). This multi-pronged strategy seems to have worked phenomenally well since most of the original inhabitants have self-deported out of state. Short of a military confrontation to "liberate territory," California is now, in 2071, the first lost American state.

The Saudi Sheiks and People's Republic of China apparatchiks are really living it up in California. After China took possession of all of the real estate assets, property and businesses -- in the The Fiat Currency Conversion and Monetary Stabilization Act of 2059 (challenged but upheld in the Supreme Court with a lopsided 7 to 2 decision) -- that they were offered in return for allowing the U.S. Treasury to essentially "burn the mortgage" -- by buying back $78.3 trillion of U.S. Government paper from the PRC for a mil per million face value (essentially zero). In 2059, the United States was explicitly and almost officially reduced in world stature. It was comparable to Spain's or Britain's losses of empire.

All countries in Continental Europe with the exceptions of Switzerland and Germany have been unified under an agency of the United Nations which in 2017 was initially charged with adjudging and discharging inter-European sovereign debt NETO (national equity and territory ownership) offsets and was actually given an unspoken mandate to do "anything it took" to restore order along with the historic approval of up to 18 special divisions of "Blue Berets" which comprised a new corp of the UN's military peace keeping force.

By the mid-thirties, the countries of Europe, except for Germany, Switzerland and the U.K., had acquiesced to an essentially self-imposed, centrally planned and managed, form of martial law under "international" auspices.

I'm trying to jump into the twenty-second (might be hard) or twenty-third (probably much more difficult) century this week to see if I can find any more history of the late twentyhundreds (preferably in written form since I would rather not have to talk to anyone if it could be avoided). One problem I might encounter is my fear that real civil liberty has not yet been restored or that electronic communications might still not be permitted by most governments when and where I end up. [NB: the Internet was greatly restricted due to China's wresting control in 2063]. I might need to find an old, long-lost, abandoned data-center that hasn't been wiped.

I'll see you -rafi

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KosherWineGuy said...

Diary of a Time Traveler
Rafi Schutzer

Mike, I just got back from a time thread which started in Jerusalem in March of 2112. In retrospect, I can kick myself for not imagining this before I jumped over there, but I thought you would like to hear what I found.

Sorry actually, I just found out that I'm going on a little road trip this morning with my daughter and her Israeli friend to L.A. and I'll have to write it all down later. peace -rafi