Saturday, September 17, 2011

Love the opening of a new season-The Houston Symphony that is.

I am excited as the new Houston symphony season has begun.  I am a sports nut and love the opening of major league baseball, I love the opening of the NFL, but I also love the beginning of a new classical music symphony season. 

Tonight the fetching Mrs. B and I will be right there in Jones Hall to watch the Houston symphony with Hans Graff conducting.  On this program is one of my favorite pieces, Brahms violin concerto with James Ehnes as the soloist.  As I have said many times on this blog on classical music weekends, the Brahms concerto is one of the four great violin concerti to go along with the Tchaikovsky, the Mendelssohn and the Beethoven.  The Tchaikovsky violin concerto's opening movement is my favorite. The Brahms second movement is my favorite slow movement of those four concerti. I love all four and feel honored to hear any of those in person. So, I am really excited about tonight's program.  Also, Dvorak's 6th symphony is on the program.  

We will be there early at Jones Hall for this pre concert lecture about the program and composers of the night, that the Houston Symphony calls Prelude.  I really love going to that and by doing so have learned so much about classical music and the great composers.  Maybe tonight we will hear from the maestro himself, Hans Graff [he has appeared a couple times in the past].  But whoever is there, that is really a great feature the Houston  Symphony gives to the concert goers.

As I have posted the beautiful second movement on this blog and the exciting third movement [and if you go to search and type in Brahms you can find them and play again if you like] I am posting this powerful, melody laden first movement.   Remember because this is just the first of three movements [per typical classcial concerto], you will not hear any applause at the end of this wonderful playing.   In a previous post I discussed the cadenza, and the cadenza in this movement is from 17:40-21:00. It is not the most exciting of cadenza's but still displays the viruosity of this soloist.

This movement displays the quintessential Brahms full, dynamic melodic sound.

In this video, please watch the respect this conductor commands with so many glances up to him by the orchestra.

Please  play this in full screen and turn up the volume and enjoy.

Johannes Brahms: Violin Concerto in D Major, 1st movement, Allegro:

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