Saturday, September 24, 2011

How about it, Pops.

A little change on my classical music weekends because of an idea from one of this blogs most loyal clasical weekend readers, my tribble friend @strongthought .  She gave me the idea of a Classical Pops weekend.  This will be that weekend.

@strongthought is a truly great American, and a great supporter of our military.  So, in her honor this Pops weekend will include two wonderful American composers. Maybe the ultimate in music for our military and for the patriotism of the USA comes from the great marches of American composer and conductor John Philip Sousa. Because of his mastery of march composition, he is known as the "American March King".  So, today it is John Philip Sousa.      Tomorrow another John. :-)

All of John Philip Sousa's patriotic marches are fantastic. Here is one of my favorites:

John Philip Sousa:  "Stars and Stripes Forever":

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