Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dan Senor: Why Obama is Losing the Jewish Vote

I hope every American, especially every Jewish American, reads:Dan Senor's: Why Obama Is Losing the Jewish Vote  in the Wall Street Journal opinion page.

We see today from the Drudge Report how president Obama is going to try to shore up his Jewish support [of which he had 78% in the 2008 election] by changing his message to fool, I mean to tell, Jewish Americans that he is not really anti Israel.

Mr. Senor's theme is that president Obama doesn't have a 'messaging' problem. "He has a record of bad policies and anti-Israel rhetoric."   It is the substance, not the message Mr. president, that is your problem with most religious Jews.

Hopefully, the NY-9 election proves that Jewish Americans, at least those who are not far leftists that care little about Israel, have finally woken up.  Hopefully, also, we will not be bamboozled by some non substantive change in message from this administration [put out with the help of liberal Jewish Americans and groups].

Please read Dan Senor's great article here.

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