Sunday, September 11, 2011


The leftist Paul Krugman published this despicable article on the day of the anniversary of the greatest terrorists attacks in the history of our nation.   He entitles it "The Years of Shame." Who do you think he is talking about, the Muslim terrorists? No, our American patriots, President George W Bush, Bernard Kerik, and Rudy Giuliani .   This article makes me so sick, I won't even quote from it, or ask you to dignify it by reading it.  

Krugman in his NY Times editorial pieces entitles himself:  The Conscience of a liberal.
I have to believe many liberals don't even want to be associated with this article.

At the end Krugman says he will not allow comments for obvious reasons.

There is only one reason Krugman and it is very obvious to everyone: You are a coward!


bradley said...

This Krugaman editorial is embarrassing to all with a brain, I am saddened that a liberal piece of trash like the ny times had the gall to publish!!

Big Mike said...

Me too Brad. I have to believe even many liberals are embarrassed by this.