Monday, September 26, 2011

Bibi doesn't fall into David Gregory's political agenda trap.

Prime minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu was on 'Meet the Press' Sunday, September 25, and he was magnificent as usual.  Thank you Israel for electing such a great man and spokesman for the state of Israel.    What a leader!

David Gregory, the host of  'Meet the Press' was also  his same usual liberal agenda driven self.

I told my wife before the interview started, Gregory has one goal in mind with this interview. He wants to get Netanyahu to endorse Obama as this great friend of Israel, and call him one of the most pro Israel presidents America has ever had. Liberals are so easy to predict.  I knew David Gregory, like most liberal Democrats, are worried that this pro Palestinian president was losing support among Jewish voters, and it was his duty to try and get them back.

My prediction hit the nail on the head.  After a few preliminary questions, Gregory asked three different times if  prime minister Netanyahu felt the same about Obama as he felt about president George W Bush: that Bush was the best friend of Israel of any US president.   The prime minister wouldn't fall for the trap.  Bibi kept saying all American presidents are friends of Israel.  Gregory kept on his agenda mode. "What about president Obama, is he as good as friend of Israel as president Bush?'  Bibi came back again, "All presidents of America are friends of Israel."  Then Bibi talked about how Israel has received great support from the American people. He said the security and support for Israel was the one issue Americans were united on.   You could tell by his expression how disappointed David Gregory was.  He wanted to have that one sound bite from Benjamin Netanyahu, where he would say by name, "President Obama is as good a friend of Israel that Israel has ever had."  The prime minister, I think perceiving Gregory's agenda,  never fell for the trap.

When that tactic didn't work Gregory tried another approach.  He asked Bibi what he thought of  Republican candidates Romney and Perry's criticism of president Obama's policies regarding Israel. Specifically, where Romney had said: "president Obama had thrown Israel under the bus" and Perry had said: "Obama's... naive, arrogant, misguided and dangerous foreign policy had brought Israel and the Palestinians to a crisis over Palestinian statehood."   You just knew that Gregory was hoping and thinking prime minister Netanyahu would say that he didn't agree with those statements and that president Obama is a good friend of Israel.    Once again the politically savvy Netanyahu saw right through Gregory's agenda.  He said: "David, you are trying to get me involved in American presidential politics and I won't go there."  Gregory tried it again and asked, "do you think president Obama is trying to throw Israel under the bus?"    Benjamin Netanyahu said once again, "Israel has bi partisan support in America" just like America has total support in Israel.  Netanyahu said: "I speak for the Israeli people and I say there is no greater friend of America than we the Israeli people."

Am I the only one who feels riveted in listening, as prime minister Netanyahu speaks.  Thank you once again Bibi for your eloquent, brilliant strong defense of Israel and also for not falling into the liberal David Gregory's political agenda trap.   Mr. prime minister you have shined once again!


bradley said...

Sorry I missed that interview, but thanks for the review. No surprise that NBC news ( National Barak Corp) would push their far left agenda!

Big Mike said...

Thanks Brad.

KosherWineGuy said...


I haven't gone back and read all of your past blog entries (yet), but this is, in my opinion, the best thing I've read of yours to date.

Your grasp of political reality displayed so well in this post, is so clear -- as evidenced by your ability to make a prediction and have it almost scientifically confirmed -- that I am actually envious.

And I have the chutzpah to tell you that someone hearing (or reading) that from me is the highest praise anyone can receive.


Big Mike said...

Wow, thanks Rafi!! Praise from you really makes my day. I appreciate your kind words.

La Shana Tova!