Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ambassador John Bolton: Obama could have stopped Palestinian attempt for recognition of statehood in the UN General Assembly

Ambassador John Bolton was on Greta Van Susteran's "On the Record" show on Monday night to talk about the Palestinian attempt to be recognized as a state in the UN's General Assembly later this week. Ambassador Bolton said the Obama administration should have dealt with this many months ago to not let it have come this far.  Greta, then said, "but now the Obama administration is doing everything they can to try and forestall a vote."  Mr. Bolton, stopped her as he said: "No they aren't."  Greta asked what could they do or have done to stop this attempt.    Ambassador Bolton told Greta this exact same thing [with the PLO trying to gain recognition as part of the WHO in the UN General Assembly] happened during the George H W Bush administration.  What the elder Bush administration did was go to the members of the general assembly and told them 'if you recognize the PLO with this enhanced status, the United States will immediately defund the United Nations'.  He said that not only stopped that vote, but stopped any attempts by the Palestinians of recognition before the UN dead in its tracks for 20 years.  But now we have a new dynamic called the Obama administration.

Ambassador Bolton also said if recognition in the general assembly does happen it is totally meaningless and the United States and Israel should just treat it as such. 

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