Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Wow, I hope Dick Morris is right!

Dick Morris on Sean Hannity Monday night said this debt deal debate has accomplished one big thing.   This deal has doomed Barack Obama's chance at re-election. Wow!  If true, then it has all been worth it. 

Morris said, it has made the president look weak and indecisive. He said that image will be with him until election time.  He said the liberals think Obama has caved and capitulated to the tea party and conservatives. To the conservatives and independents, he looks like the last ditch advocate of a tax and spend liberal.  And Morris said in the next round, he will look even worse.  Independents have completely abandoned president Obama and they will not come back.

Dick Morris said during the Clinton administration, when Clinton was battling Newt Gingrich in the great closing the government debate, Clinton's approval rating went up 15%.  During this debt ceiling debate, president Obama has gone from 55% when it started, down to a low of 40%--down 15%.

I sure hope in this instance, Dick Morris is the political guru he has sometimes been called.

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