Friday, August 12, 2011

Would I love to see this debate.

I thought last night's GOP debate from Ames, Iowa by Fox News was a great one. It provided fireworks, mostly good questions, [along with the usual suspect questions], and some great rhetoric by most of the candidates.  It showed whoever the GOP candidate is, as long as it's not Ron Paul, president Obama will be in trouble come November 2012.   

In the debates between Obama and the GOP nominee, this debate last night showed we will have a much better debater than senator John McCain was last time.  I am very encouraged and am highly optimistic now that president Barack Obama will be a one term president.

If we were sure that whoever would be the best debater against Obama, would guarantee a GOP victory then there is one clear candidate.  While they were all good, I think the best last night was Newt Gingrich. Unfortunately, because of his early unforced error, in attacking Paul Ryan's plan [even though now he says the media made him do it] and because of some baggage, whether fair or not,  he will not win the nomination.   Putting that aside, objectively he was the best debater last night, I think followed closely by Mitt Romney.

Whether you love Newt or hate Newt and would dread that he was our nominee, I think every conservative would love to see Newt take on Obama in a debate.  As basketball announcer Dick Vitale would say, it would be NC--no contest baby.   Newt would not only wipe Obama off the map, he would wipe him off the universe.     I know it will never happen, but boy would I love to see that debate.


The Balladeer said...

No doubt about it!!! Newt would CLEAN OBOZZO'S CLOCK!!!

To bad that in other respects he probably won't make it.

Big Mike said...

Yes, Balladeer too bad we will never see it. But I have a feelig whoever the nominee is will also clean O man's clock. No John McCain this time.

Gary Wiram said...

Good post Michael. I, too, would love to watch a Gingrich v Obama debate.

Big Mike said...

Thanks Gary!