Monday, October 15, 2012

Post From 2011 Shows We Need a New Speaker To Go Along With President Romney

I am doing this repeat original post from Aug. 1, of 2011 [and repeated in June of this year] because of all the concern now of the devastating cuts to our military if the sequestration takes place.  As the fiscal cliff approaches [Dec. 31,2012] this concern could become reality.  My wonder is, who in their right mind couldn't see this coming.  Why did Speaker of the House Boehner agree with president Obama in putting our defense up for devastating cuts. Also, making this "take it or leave it deal", the Speaker put all members of the GOP caucus in a terrible bind.  He forced many in the GOP to vote against their principles and instincts or look as though they didn't care about the deficit and debt. That is why, while I am not calling for the defeat or resignation of Boehner, I am calling for the GOP to elect a new Speaker in 2013 to go along with the new president.

I am not being a Monday morning quarterbacking here, as I predicted all of this over one year ago, just days before the vote on the super committee compromise deal that was about to take place.  If Tales [certainly no economic expert] could see the obvious, how could not Speaker Boehner?   The fact that any conservative would have voted for a bill that would obviously jeopardize putting our national security on the chopping block is mind boggling to me.
This Tales post was originally posted on August 1, 2011

There Are Two Possible Outcomes of the Super Committee, Both of Them Bad:

I was one who castigated those on our side who said the Boehner bill should go down in flames.  I said  standing for principles at all cost, damned the final outcome, would have devastated the Republicans and conservatives.  It would have also given this president the one out to convince Americans, untruly, that Republicans were responsible for all the bad economic news: i.e., it would have greatly enhanced his chance for re-election.

Saying all that I am very concerned about the results of this final compromise bill.  There was one statement I heard today that, if I were in Congress, would have me voting against this bill.  I would offer a solution to continue. Both of those things, I will submit later in this post.

There are two possible outcomes of the 12 member [6 from house and 6 from senate] committee that will decide the other 1.4 trillion in cuts later in the year.

One outcome:  Either the committee can't come together and agree to the cuts, or they do agree to cuts but they are voted down in congress. In those scenarios, an automatic trigger occurs [called sequestration]. It will cut from defense and entitlements and social programs.  In the cuts to the entitlements, their is a proviso that says no cuts can come from the recipients of those programs. [like medicare patients, social security recipients, food stamp beneficiaries, etc.]. That means those cuts must come from doctors and hospitals. 

In the case of the defense cuts, which are reported to be 50% of the cuts to be made, there is no proviso about not making cuts that would harm our national security.  

Now here is the statement I heard this morning that has turned me against this bill.  Ambassador John Bolton, who I trust as much as anyone else on the issues of foreign policy and defense, made this statement on the Fox News Channel. He said if the triggers go into effect "it will cut nearly a half trillion dollars out of the defense department over the next 10 years. That would be devastating to the national security of the United States of America."

On that statement alone, how can any conservative American support this bill? 

Second outcome:  Is there anyone out there who thinks every Democrat member on the commission won't call for tax increases on individuals and businesses. Okay, I don't see any hands raised. The Republicans will then have two options. To go along with the tax increases or gridlock the commission, which will insure the trigger goes into effect.

So, the two possible outcomes: tax increases or devastating cuts to the defense of this country.

I guarantee, if either the commission comes out with tax cuts and it is voted down by congress, or the commission is deadlocked, the Republicans will be the ones who get all the blame.  Our demagogue in chief will say, because the Republicans were unreasonable and unwilling to compromise, we now have medicare cuts [to doctors and hospitals] and defense cuts. I can almost here him now telling our troops: 'I don't know if I can guarantee your payments on time'.   I know that's a stretch, but it is just to remind you of  how this president operates, i.e.,demagogues. 

If this super committee deal goes through, the only ones under pressure will be the GOP members of the committee. The Democrats will call for tax hikes [that's what they want] and will force the GOP to go along or have the risk of sequestration taking place [with the devastating military cuts].  Those cuts won't be a deterrent to the liberals on the committee, they will be welcomed.  And with the proviso that no cuts on the social programs can come  from the recipients of those programs [like those getting food stamps], the liberals won't be deterred by that either.

So, I  am now hoping this deal goes down in flames.   My solution, would be to extend the debt limit immediately for one week to correct this bill.   Then make sure, I will leave it up to the experts for the language, for a proviso, like they have in the medicare cuts to be applied to the defense cuts.  They must somehow have language in the trigger that guarantees there will be no cuts to the defense department that will be harmful to our national security.    I don't know how they can word that, but then again I'm not the one who put the defense of our county up for cuts in the first place. If they don't change the wording of this deal, I say no patriotic conservative should vote for this so-called compromise.


Anonymous said...

Wow, it stinks to high heaven! However, that has been the plan for years with these Progressives. Even on the R side. I pray we vote out all the old folk that have spent decades in there just sucking up power.
:-( So out of touch. Dangerously close is America to losing our Freedom.

Krissy in ATX

Big Mike said...

Thanks Krissy. Along with making sure Obummer doesn't get a second term we must elect a conservative house and a conservative GOP senate. Thats why we need the young conservative guns like TedCruz who will stuck up for conservative principles.