Monday, August 29, 2011

That's our story and we're sticking with it.

I am not criticizing all of the pre Hurricane/Tropical Storm Irene coverage. That was responsible and had to be done. Also, I want to say I am so sorry for the people that lost there lives and pray for the families.
To them this was an unbearable tragedy.

But when it became known early Sunday, that this Hurricane had really lost a lot of its steam, in fact becoming a tropical storm, that fact seemed to be put on the back burner by all of the media [I would say main stream media, but this also included Fox News].  They had a story about how devastating this monster Hurricane would be and they were sticking to it. They still had to have non stop coverage.

I literally saw this on one of the channels. One reporter was standing in water that didn't even reach the top of his shoes, and with no visible damage anywhere that could be shown. But this reporter pointed [with the cameras] how the stop light signs were wiggling back and forth with the breeze.  Oooooh, that is scary.

I have lived in Houston for 45 plus years.   This year we are experiencing a drought and wish we had a heavy rainstorm. But in the past, at least every couple of years in Houston, there is some day or days that we have streets flooded all over the city because of heavy rain.   I don't remember seeing non stop coverage of those flooded streets on the national media.  Along with the rain and flooding came dozens of times when electricity would go out.  Of course, we are only a city in Texas and not the almighty New York City.   And we didn't have a president Obama to come off the golf course to man the storm center and to tell us, yes the streets are flooded and power has gone out in your neighborhood,  but without me, it would have been worse.

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