Thursday, August 11, 2011

On Wisconsin III bodes well for GOP in 2012!

Thank you God. My prayers were answered with the surprising results of the recall elections in Wisconsin.  Almost every poll had showed the Democrats would surely pick up 3 of the six seats up for recall on last Tuesday, probably 4 seats, and maybe all 6 seats.  The unions and national Democrats  put everything they had into defeating the Republicans.  They poured much of their hard working union member's dues into the recall elections.  Remember these elections came in the middle of the tea party being vilified as terrorists and responsible for the USA's credit down grade. The so called reliable polls showed the tea party losing ground with the public. And this was Wisconsin, one of the most "progressive" [using the Democrats euphemistic term] states in the union.  Well, I should say at least before the 2010 historic elections which was a wipe out of the Democrats across the board. 

I was exhilarated to hear the results this morning [Wednesday].  The Republicans won four of the six races and thereby kept their majority in the Senate. That means that  Republicans retained their monopoly on the Wisconsin state government because they also hold the Assembly and governor's office. 
On next Tuesday, two of the Democrat senators are up for recall. But win or lose those, this was huge for victorious Governor Scott Walker, the tea party and it bodes well for 2012.   If the union thugs, after putting all they had into it, couldn't win this one for the Democrats, in the "progressive" state of Wisconsin, they will not win for Obama in 2012.

We had On Wisconsin I with the election of the courageous, great governor Scott Walker [please read my post of On Governor Walker! On Wisconsin!]

We had On Wisconsin II with another surprise election of GOP Wisconsin Supreme Court Judge Prosser [Please read my post of  On Wisconsin II]

And now with this huge recall win by the GOP in Wisconsin, shocking the experts, we have On Wisconsin III.

I love the people of the Badger state.  Go Wisconsin  and one more time I give you the video so appropriate here: On Wisconsin!!!

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