Friday, August 19, 2011

Janeane Garofalo: A Racist in the Ugliest Way

The leftist Janeane Garofalo made this unbelievable bigoted statement against Herman Cain, who is running for president on the GOP side.   She said he is in the race on the GOP side to deflect criticism of Republicans criticizing Obama, because he is a black man too.   Garafalo said he is in the race because he must have been paid or because he has a touch of the Stockholm Syndrome. 

Think about what this idiot has said.  Herman Cain isn't in this on his own, and these can't possibly be his real thoughts because he is a black man and as all liberals know, real black men can't possibly be conservatives.   How condescending, how racist Miss Garofalo is.  To this white liberal, a black man doesn't have the thought processes to be able to come up with these positions himself.  He must have been paid.  Or even worse, he has been brain washed.  Yeah, easy to brain wash a black man, right Miss Garofalo.

Janeane Garofalo you are a racist and a racist in the ugliest way.  Your statement made me sick to my stomach.   Because this blog has standards, I will not call you a bitch.  Besides, I wouldn't want to insult female dogs.

Maybe we will see the ADL come out against Miss Garofalo's racist statements.  I am not holding my breath.


bradley said...

A black racist on msnbc oberman show----about as sup rising as the sun rising in the east! Trust me big mike a female dog has better thought processes than this moron!

Big Mike said...

So correct big Brad about what comes out of MSNBC or from the Keith Olberman show. That is why their viewership, thank God, is so small.

The Balladeer said...

The TRUE racists ever since the late 60s have almost ALL been in the Democrat Party!! which was taken over by those who wanted to kiss-up to the Hard Racist Left like the Black Panther Party!! elements of whom have become part of the Democrat party at high levels long ago!!

It's just sickening!!!

Good job, Michael!!

Big Mike said...

Amen, Balladeer! Thanks!