Friday, August 26, 2011

An Israeli writer's view of Glenn Beck in Israel.

Please read this great article in The American Thinker by Noel Meltzer: "Glenn Beck and Larry Derfner turn the world upside down"

Here is a freelance writer in Israel with no preconceived support of Glenn Beck. In fact, he was hearing a lot of bad things from leftist Jews about Glenn Beck, and at the same time was very interested in Glenn Beck's assertive pronounced support of Israel. In other words he was very interested in listening to Glenn Beck speak with an open mind. 

So, on  Wednesday, August 24, Mr. Meltzer went to Safra Square, the site of the Jerusalem's city hall, for the public viewing of Glen Beck’s live broadcast in the nearby Old City of Jerusalem.

Meltzer came away with a very positive impression of Glenn Beck and his love and support for Israel. One of his main points [this quote from the article]: "...the claims that the man is an extremist or fascist regarding his views on Israel are absolute nonsense. It was obvious to anyone who was there yesterday that the man was just speaking the clear, direct and honest truth...."

Meltzer also said: "...although I don't claim in any way to be a psychologist it seemed clear to me that his concern for Israel and the Jewish people is genuine and not part of some ulterior religious mission."

Yoel Meltzer ends his great piece: "But in a world turned upside down it shouldn't come as a surprise when Glenn Beck, the non-Jew, is criticized by some Jews for being too pro-Israel while Larry Derfner, the Jew, writes for a mainstream Jewish newspaper despite the fact that he condones the Arab murder of Jews."

Please read this great piece in the American Thinker here.

You can also read Mr. Meltzer's blog at

Update:  Another must read article from the great Israeli born in America, Caroline Glick in Jewish World Review: "Glenn Beck's Revealing Visit"

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