Monday, August 8, 2011

I am not making this up.

If anyone thinks the thrill is over from the liberal main stream media's drooling love for this president, think again.   At work on my first break I actually heard this on CNN.   [about 10 am central]

The stock market looked like it was in a meltdown as early on it was down about 330 points. They announced with great excitement how the president would have something to say about the economy and down grade in a couple of hours [it actually was about 50 minutes late].  Well, a few minutes after that they had this lady reporter [sorry I don't remember her name as I just don't watch CNN that much] who talked about the president's soon to be speech.  The market had dropped below 300 to about 260 and she actually said this: "The stocks are starting to make a big comeback, it must be because they know the president is going to speak and ease the nation's worry."  She was so excited about Obama's speech I thought she might faint right there on the spot.

Well, a few minutes after her saying that  [and I had to go back to work] I saw stocks were already back down over 300 points.   Maybe those on Wall Street thought he might call the speech off...sheeesh.

Well, president Obama did speak in his demagogic, arrogant, almost delusional way and I guess he eased the markets.   They only plummeted to over 600 points down. 

I guess, like he says about his stimulus package, without his speech, it would have been worse.

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KosherWineGuy said...

I just saw this post. Michael, you draw an excellent parallel between the Monday Obama-stock-market-plunge and the Obama-economy in general.

It appears that the only excuse (and that's all it ever is) that the MSM can ever seem to make is that "it" would have been worse without Obama's grandiloquence.

Conveniently for them, such claims do not lend themselves to empirical verification and remain in the realm of other untestable conjectures such as their belief in the validity of anthropogenic global climate change or in Obama's ability to give intelligent remarks on camera without a teleprompter.