Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hugh Hewitt: Results of how good "Grand Compromise" deal is, yet to be determined.

Great patriot, attorney, professor, talk show host Hugh Hewitt said we have to wait and see on how good the "great compromise" bill that passed the House and will pass the senate on Tuesday. He said if he was a member of congress he would have voted yes. After hearing congressman Paul Ryan's, WI-R great presentation, I probably, despite my great concerns about the super committee and the possible devastating cuts to our military if the trigger goes into effect, would have ended up voting yes, too.

Now we have to put all our focus on the the so-called Super Congress, made up of six Democrats and six Republicans, that will craft the next round of cuts (around $1.5 trillion)  As Hugh said, this will determine if this was a good bill or a bad bill.  The GOP needs 3 congressman and 3 senators that are full throated conservative, deficit hawks. Not four out of six, not five out of six, but all six.    Because you can guarantee the Democrats will choose six full throated tax and spend liberals. 

Hugh, is right.  If this super congress does cut spending, deal with entitlements, reform the tax code to make it simpler and smaller and  in a way that once and for all puts an end to the tax warfare rhetoric available to liberals in the current tax system, then this will turn out to be a great thing that happened today. 

If, on he other hand, the super congress does not deal with entitlements and instead of reforming the current tax system just raises taxes, then this will turn out to be a bad bill that passed today. 

Worse, if this super congress comes to a deadlock, which will cause the trigger to go into effect, then this bill will have turned out to be a disaster for our country. It would gut the defense department in cuts Ambassador John Bolton has said would be devastating to the national security of the United States.

Do any of you  remember the legendary Texas head football coach, Darryl Royal, who used to love to run the football and hated the pass. His motto was "three yards and a cloud of dust."  When asked why doesn't he pass more, Royal said, there are three things that can happen when you pass, and two of them are bad.

I guess we could say the same thing about this super congress made up of six Republicans and six Democrats. I had previously posted there were two things that could happen with the super congress: two of them bad.  But with Hugh's wisdom, I now admit there are three results that could happen.  And just as Darryl Royal said about the pass, two of them are bad. 

This is why I am more pessimistic than Hugh.  I hope Hugh is right and I am wrong. I will be praying for our country that the results of the super congress will turn out to be good, which will make the "grand compromise" deal a good one.  More importantly, it will be good for America!


The Balladeer said...

Michael, I hope that Hugh is right, but I fear that you were right in your earlier blog: that the deal is bad because of how it is made at the expense of our military. I reference the article I tweeted to you written by Frank Gaffney & your own comments with reference to John Bolton. God Bless USA!!!

Big Mike said...

Yes patriot. The more I think about it, I am really worried. What is really sad, not only that hurt our military and our country, but the GOP will be blamed for it. Obama will demagogue that we wouldn't be reasonable and compromise for tax increases. I don't know how everyone is missing that.