Thursday, April 12, 2012

Great video by Danny Ayalon

Because I am working on a new feature on the Tales blog [labels] I hope you don't mind if I repeat this post from August of last year, from the great Danny Ayalon. This video is so good because it is entertaining and informative in a simple to understand way.

Israel Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Danny Ayalon, not just a great man but a truly nice man, put out this informative truthful video of the West Bank and Israel:


KosherWineGuy said...

Off the subject of Israel's legitimacy for just a moment, I wanted to comment on the festivities, I mean the demonstrations, in Tel Aviv over the weekend.

What the leftist in the streets organizing the average people into angry mobs are not saying is the fact that the old socialists (turned monopolists) are really to blame for the high prices. The family (i.e., oligarch) and union owned monopolies have to be broken up in Israel. Free the market forces! Israel can't be allowed to follow or fall into the economic model of a Mexico or a Venezuela.

Full speed ahead with creating wealth and not coming up with ways to redistribute it. Get rid of the socialistic dependency creating mentalities of Europe and the former Soviet Union. Entrepreneurs of Israel flex your muscles, open your mouths and speak the truth.

Where are the Israeli Tea Partiers? If you want to demonstrate, demonstrate your common sense and focus on the solution. The solution is not price controls. It has already been tried everywhere and it fails every time. The solution in Israel is the same as everywhere else on this little sphere floating in space: limited government and the empowerment of the individual. Why is that so hard to understand?

To illustrate this point, permit me to analogize for a moment. What do you do when your child wants something that your family can't financially afford? What if your credit limit has been reached or you are sensible enough not to over extend yourself? Do you get the neighbors all up and down the street to chip in for you (this is the taxation analogue) or picket outside the house of the wealthier neighbors? Or rather, do you just break the sad news to your children (these are the non-productive, non-tax-paying citizens analogues)?

Exactly right, and the children get a dose of reality when they receive the "sad news" that they won't be getting their hearts' desires of the moment. But we know that sometimes the children solve the problem on their own. Necessity is the "ima of invention" to adapt an Americanism. This is the Israel that you and I know. This is the Israel that we must demand.

Your rent is too high? Figure out a way to make more money. This is the twenty-first century! Don't begrudge the wealthy, be the wealthy. That's it for now.

Big Mike said...

Wow,very well said Kosher Wine Guy!
I need to turn over my blog to you!! You the man. :)

I guess it proves lefties are lefties no matter what country.

Anonymous said...

Wow Kosher Wine Guy Well said. Amen. Am gonna post this on FB!

Krissy in ATX

Big Mike said...

Thanks Krissy! God Bless!