Tuesday, August 9, 2011

God Bless Our Military-God Bless Those Families of SEALs lost

Never forget the sacrifices our heroic military makes in the defense of freedom, in defense of the United States of America. God Bless them all.  God Bless those military who were so sadly lost in Afghanistan over the weekend.  God ease the pain of all of the families and Bless them.


I am asking someone in congress, and I am not making this political, either Democrat or Republican to at least do this one thing to honor our heroic Navy SEALs that were lost. Please take the trigger on the budget deal, that deals with gutting our defense department and national security, off the table. We must not hurt our military or our country by making that hostage to some compromise budget deal. You say it is on there to cause pain, to force both sides to make a deal. Sorry, but that is not pain to you. The pain is what the families of those lost and of what Americans feel now with their loss.

Trigger something else, but do not trigger hurting our military men and women and do not trigger hurting our national security.  That should never be on the table.  In light of the heartbreaking loss on Saturday, I beg of you to do this.


bradley said...

Ditto, from the citizens of the united states!!!

Big Mike said...

Thanks patriot Brad!!