Thursday, September 1, 2011

Charles Payne asks 'the' question no one else has asked.

Rep. Andre Carson (D-Ind.), the Congressional Black Caucus whip, said that "the Tea Party is actively taking steps to keep down the black community" ..."Some of them in Congress right now of this Tea Party movement would love to see you and me ... hanging on a tree."

On Tuesday night on the Fox Business Channel, great American Charles Payne asked the question to one of the leaders of the tea party organizations, that no one else is asking: "In light of  the "plea" for civility, following the Gabrielle Giffords shooting, isn't it irresponsible for the president not to rebuke the members of  his party who are making such outrageous statements?"

Thank you Mr. Payne for asking the question others in the news media seem to shy away from. They seem to fear criticizing such 'uncivil' statements, as they might be labeled racists themselves.
God Bless you, Charles Payne!
Mr. President your call for civility in your speech in Tuscon, after the Giffords shooting, is becoming more and more hollow.   I was cynical even at that time, Mr. President, because I never did believe for one second,  that you meant what you said .  I knew your call for civility was only meant in one way.  People should stop criticizing you and your policies.
Criticism of your policies is what you have always believed was uncivil. 

Telling the tea party to "go to hell" as did Representative Maxine Waters, I guess to you is just tough political talk.

President Obama, you didn't [and are proving by your silence time and again] give a damn about the hate talk coming out of the mouths from your fellow liberal Democrats.  That is where the incivility has mainly been coming from before your speech, and it is almost exclusively where it has been coming from after your speech.  "Terrorists", "racists", "anti American", "enemies", etc. has been the recent mantra of the left aimed at conservatives and tea party members.    Mr. President. as your poll numbers begin to tank, the desperation from the left is evident in their non stop hate speech.

Oh, you are so quick President Obama to tell your political opponents to watch their mouths.
But when it comes to tell the left [and yourself included] to tone down their rhetoric, you suddenly become the mute-in-chief.     I am not holding my breath on you criticizing the hate speech from your own leftist wing of the Democrat party.    That would take you believing what they are saying is wrong.

Mr. President, if only you were so silent about the economy, we might be in better shape.


bradley said...

Boy are you correct about him being silent on the economy ! I truly believe this president is not capable of rational thought due to the fact his agenda blinds him from such!!

Big Mike said...

You are correct Brad...and we will see an example again next week in his so called speech on jobs.