Sunday, August 28, 2011

Amadeus, such simplicity turned into such beauty

As I said in yesterday's post, the movie Amadeus helped spur my love of classical music. In that movie was this great piano concerto.  Mozart's piano concerto #22.  One of my favorite movements of all piano concerto's is the third movement of Mozart's #22.

When I saw the movie, I had to immediately go out and buy the soundtrack. I loved all of the music on the soundtrack [one of my first ventures into buying classical music] but none more than the piece I am posting today.

The theme is so simple and yet so perfect from the genius, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. He could turn what seems like such simplicity into such beauty.  This is Mozart.  This piece exemplifies his being the quintessential classical composer. 

I had a recent post on Mozart's wonderful use of the clarinet in his symphonies.
Ironically, this piano concerto is the first piano concerto of his 27 that includes clarinets in the score.

Don't forget to play this on full screen to watch this fine pianist at work.

W.A. Mozart: Piano Concerto #22 in E Flat Major, movement 3, allegro:

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