Friday, July 22, 2011

Why is it always just one way?

The so called "gang of 6" has come out with an 'outline' and the media is asking, will the Republicans in the House be willing to compromise and vote for this or are they willing to chance bringing the country to default.  Then they ask if the GOP House members are too extreme to compromise?

But when the GOP House passed the Cut, Cap and Balance bill, the main stream media and all the liberal politicians said it was just a bone to throw to their base and was meaningless because everyone knows it will lose in the Senate. I didn't hear anyone from the liberal media ask, will the Democrats compromise and vote for it to make sure a debt limit increase is passed by August 2.  I also didn't hear anyone from the media ask if the Democrat Senate members  were too extreme to compromise.

So, let's see here.   If a plan that comes out of the Senate is voted down by the GOP, it means the GOP won't compromise and they are responsible if no deal goes thru. 
But if a plan that has passed the House is voted down by the Democrats in the Senate, it is not because the Democrats are too extreme or unwilling to compromise. To the media, it was a travesty for the GOP House to vote for it, because they knew it wouldn't be passed in the Senate.  
What's the difference? Why can't we say the Democrats weren't willing to compromise and vote for the Cut, Cap and Balance bill voted for by the House and therefore it is their fault if no deal is done?

Why is it always just one way?

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