Friday, July 8, 2011

The system did not work, Mr Dershowitz!

This is an e-mail my great Skin doctor brother, Brad, wrote in response to Alan Dershowitz piece in the Wall Street Journal, where Dershowitz claims the system worked [in the Casey Anthony trial].  I agree 100% with my brother and also agree with the passion he shows in this e-mail. Thanks Brad for allowing me to use your e-mail.  What is mind boggling to me is that there wasn't one juror, not one juror, who held out using common sense.   When the jurors went in to deliberate, I was worried there would be one non thinking juror who would cause a mistrial by holding out for not guilty.  Did I miss that one. Now I wish there was one juror who caused a mistrial by holding out for guilty. 
Here is my brother's passionate e-mail about this miscarriage of justice.

To all logical thinkers:

In Dershowitz own words, " a criminal trial is NOT about finding the
truth" ---if that is true than our entire legal system is broke and
no mr defense attorney Dershowitz,  for that one reason you admit, the
system does not work--- if the trial is NOT to find truth and convict
the logically and reasonably obviously guilty person, then why even
have a trial at all!!  We are wasting our money and time--- our present
system is simply about games lawyers play to brainwash a jury who is
not allowed to use reason and commen sense!!
If a civil trial documents guilt ( as in OJ) , but a criminal trial
allows the guilty to go free because of ridiculous standards and
refusal to allow reason to determine the decision, then NO the system
does not work-- the trial should ONLY be about finding truth and NEVER
be about one lawyer beating another lawyer--- I am saddened for our
legal system, embarrassed by our country's legal system and
frustrated. Juror # 3 today said she could NOT convict without
KNOWING the cause of death-- based on that , I could commit murder,
and you could be confident I did it, yet if I'm smart enough to do it
in such a way as forensic evidence is destroyed ( hide body for 6
months till it decomposes totally!), then I get off even though you
can reason that I am the gulity one-- what a warped system mr
Dershowitz.  I am saddened a man as smart as you is so naive.


The Balladeer said...

A superb comment!! Our "Criminal Justice System" is becoming like the "Holy Roman Empire" It wasn't holy, it wasn't Roman, and it wasn't an Empire!! Well, our Criminal Justice System is becoming CRIMINAL, it's a crap shoot for "justice" and it's becoming a systematic failure!!

It is so obvious that Casey Anthony is AT LEAST guilty of manslaughter at some level that her acquittal means that "Jury of our Peers" is an utter failure!! They were moral cowards!!!

Big Mike said...

Amen, Balladeer!