Saturday, July 30, 2011

The subtle shifting argument of the White House

I saw Neil Cavuto this morning on Fox News make an important point.  The last few days [and this morning in the presidential weekly radio address] president Obama has made an important shift in his argument.  He has been saying all along how the Republicans will be at fault if the US defaults, if they don't agree to a compromise to raise the debt ceiling  by August 2nd.  The last few days president Obama has made a subtle, but important [devious] shift.  He now says, if the GOP doesn't agree to a compromise, they will be responsible for us losing our AAA credit rating.
Neil said this administration has shifted their language because everyone now realizes that losing our AAA credit rating is a real possiblity and is the real danger.

I think there is a more devious reason the president has shifted the argument.  He knows his argument of us defaulting was bogus and when August 2nd came it would be proven to be bogus.  We have enough money to pay the interest on the debt with the revenue coming in every month, so there is no way the USA will default.     The reason he has shifted to saying the GOP will be responsible if we lose our AAA credit rating is because he knows, no matter how this debt deal is resolved, we will almost surely have our AAA credit rating downgraded and he wants to place blame on the GOP in advance.  If he doesn't do that then he knows the blame will be placed on the person who deserves it...him!  His irresponsible spending policies which have not only exponentially exacerbated our debt as far as the eye can see, but also have led to a weakened economy [meaning less revenues coming in] and leading to more debt.
One more subtle notice how it is turning from all Bush's fault to now it is all the tea party's fault. 
So, this blamer in chief is in full blame mode attacking the tea party and the GOP.
I am hoping and praying that when we do have our AAA credit rating downgraded, the American people won't be bamboozled by Obama's subtle shift in words.  He will be the first president who presided over the downgrade of our credit rating and he should be the person to blame, not the GOP or tea party.

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