Monday, July 18, 2011

The race card played from the bottom of the congressional deck.

Friday on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives, Texas Democrat Sheila Jackson Lee gave her assessment of the debt ceiling debate. She said "the reason Republicans aren’t negotiating and aren’t willing to compromise on the debt ceiling is because of Obama’s race." She went on to say, "it is only this president that is being maligned maliciously."  She kept asking, "why this president, why this one, why only this one?"   "No other president has been maligned like this president has by Republicans."  Then she told us to read between the lines.  Hmmmmm.

Is she serious?   Only this president has been maligned, and the reason is because of his race?
Has this lady been brain dead the last decade?  No one has been maligned as viciously as president George W Bush.  Democrats from all over this nation told us:  "Bush lied, people died.", "Bush was a war criminal", "Bush was a murderer", "Bush hates black people",  "Bush was a liar.", "Bush was Hitler", ad nauseum.

The vicious attacks on Bush and his character by liberals and Democrats were despicable. President Obama has had a cake walk from the media and Republicans compared to Bush.  The media has treated him with kid gloves.

You know president Obama is in big trouble for re election when his supporters have to use the tried and true 'race card' in an attempt to bail him out.  Hopefully, this last vestige used by a Democrat in trouble, won't fool the American people this time.

The American people, thanks to Laura Ingraham, have told entertainers to 'shut up and sing'.
I am asking Sheila "race card" Jackson Lee to please stop with the divisive hyperbole.
Your time, and the American people's time, would be better spent if you keep on looking for that American flag on Mars.


bradley said...

Jackson lee has always looked at issues through the eyes of a white racist--- her and al sharpton's persistence in doing so, de legitimizes true racism--- so sad that they cannot see things as an american citizen but always as a victim!!!

Big Mike said...

Exactly, big Brad! Thanks!