Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Most Impressive Interview Ever? [with an update]

This was first posted Monday, July 18 at 6:00AM     After watching such a positive response of Senator Rubio's impressive performance on Face the Nation [like from Bill O'Reilly] I am reposting this today with an update.

Hat tip: National Review Online 
Man, is this guy impressive.  On "Face the Nation" with host Bob Schieffer on Sunday, Senator Marco Rubio, FL-R, gave one of the greatest, confident, clear speaking interviews I have ever seen.  Please, Republican nominee, whoever you turn out to be, consider this great man as your VP candidate.   Can you imagine this guy in a debate with Joe Biden.  A mismatch of epic proportions.

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Update:  I'm glad I wasn't alone in my admiration of that interview by Senator Marco Rubio.
Bill O'Reilly spent nearly his entire show disecting and praising it.  Bill said Rubio would be the perfect VP candidate for the GOP. Bernie Goldberg on the same show went even further. He said if the GOP nominee didn't pick Rubio as their running mate, they were crazy.  Both agreed, no one in the GOP leadership has spoken as clearly and convincingly for the GOP position, as Senator Rubio. 
Bill O'Reilly said there was added benefits because Marco is Hispanic [Cuban] and he is from a state that must be won to win the election, Florida.   Bernie Goldberg discounted those reasons saying Rubio could be from Mars and would still be the best candidate.  I think both men are right. It sure doesn't hurt that Rubio is Hispanic and from Florida, but it doesn't matter. He would be the best VP candidate, period!   Come to think of it, if he is on the ticket, he probably would be the most impressive of any of the four up on the stage. [certainly more impressive than Biden or Obama]

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