Thursday, July 28, 2011

Let's win the 2012 presidency now, to fix the economy then.

While having a fantastic time in Las Vegas with the 'smoking hot' Sheralyn (my wife), I felt an urge to publish this one post while on vacation.
My heart is with Sean Hannity, Hugh Hewitt and the tea party, but my head is with Boehner.
Boehner's bill will not solve our main economic problem facing the nation, the out of control spending in an unrealistically bloated government causing our unsustainable debt.  But we have to have a reality check. With this senate and this president, that problem will be impossible to solve.  We must get a new president in 2012 before we (the GOP) can have a major impact. 
If this was the first year of Obama's term, I would scream to high heaven that the Boehner bill was a cave, and must be defeated.  Now with the looming election in 2012, we must keep our eye on the prize.  Defeating Barack Obama.  
Let's say the GOP freshman hold out on their principles and defeat the Boehner bill, and nothing passes before August 2nd.  From that point on, president Obama and the main stream media will paint anything that continues to happen bad in the economy as the GOP's fault.  It will be a lie, of course, but a lot of the public will buy it.  This will get Obama off the hook on the main issue that dooms his re-election.  If August 2nd comes and the debt limit isn't increased, you can almost predict with certainty, that this president will inflict the most pain he can on the American people and then blame it on the Republicans.  The Obama sycophant media dolts will go along.  Many on our side say we can force the president to give in because of the negative consequences if he doesn't.  Oh, really?  Not this egotistical president. Obama's goal isn't the debt limit increase. His only goal is his re-election.
On the other hand, if Boehner's bill passes the house, then from that point on, it is a Democrat problem. If either the senate votes down the bill, or the president vetos it, there can be no more argument how the Republicans are holding the country hostage by not increasing the debt ceiling limit. No, it will be the Democrats in the senate who are holding the country hostage. More importantly, it takes away any shared blame of the bad economy between the president and the GOP, and it will continue to rest solely in the lap of president Obama and guarantee his loss in 2012.
Then in 2012 with a GOP president and beginning with the removal of Obamacare, we as a nation can begin to fix our economy.
In saying all this, I am not in the camp of John McCain or those castigating the tea party and great patriots like Hugh Hewitt and Sean Hannity.  That makes me sick to my stomach.  John McCain, was and will always be a hero of this country for his actions while held captive in Viet Nam, but he is a RINO in the worst sense of the word.  I am not with him at all.
As I said, my heart is with Hugh and Sean,, but my head is for keeping the eye on the prize.
One other note: can you imagine the glee and gloating from Obama, Pelosi, Reid and the MSM, if Boehner's plan is voted down by his own members. That alone I, and I think many conservatives, could not bear.

Ok, it's off for more fun in the city of sin. 


dbsnyder said...

I'd like to agree, but...

At $1.5T/ yr of new Debt, err ... $2.4T for next year, I wish we could wait, but don't see how.


Big Mike said...

Thanks for your comments DB! I do agree with you and i am not excited at all about the Boehner plan but now that it is out there It would be counter productive and play into Obama's hands if we defeat it now. Thats my main worry.

bradley said...

Big mike, I 100% agree with you-- forget removing Obama if the tea party causes us to not pass the boehner bill and we the get downgraded or default in any way--- I truly believe Obama is deep inside hoping tea party gets it's way, as the economy will tank, republicans fault as per mainstream media, the hello 4 more years of this Obama tragedy--- we must not hold out for principal, or else we lose the MOST important goal-- we will NEVER fix the economy with Obama in, bottom line!!'
Brad b

Big Mike said...

Thanks brother!