Monday, July 11, 2011

Juror #3, Your Fifteen Minutes are Over

Every time I hear more inanity from juror #3, I get angrier and angrier, as it exposes the injustice that two year old Kaylee Anthony received from that Florida jury. “We don’t even know how she died” spouted juror #3, “so how could we convict Casey.” You don’t know how she died?   She was found in a swamp with duct tape over her mouth and nose, in a garbage bag, and you need to know the cause of death?  Yeah, maybe she drowned, that’s it. If you suspend reality and believe that it was just an accident, how does that explain a “good” mother lying to her parents, her brother, her friends, and the police on the whereabouts of her daughter?  Experts say that everyone acts differently on how they react to the death of someone close. That is probably true. But no mother, no “not guilty” mother, lies to everyone about the disappearance of their child for 30 days. Even not taking into account all the partying that she did, the fact is, she didn't show one ounce of concern for her own two year old daughter [either missing or dead] and lied about it to everyone. A thinking person would reasonably infer involvement in the murder, just from that evidence.  The jury found her guilty of lying to authorities.  I'm even surprised they could come to that conclusion with all of their other non sensical verdicts. Since they were able to conclude she lied, did they even have a discussion on why she lied?

Juror #3 also mentioned that they couldn’t put someone to death without knowing how Kaylee died. That should have never come up.  Why haven’t any of the so called experts pointed out that the jury is given instructions by the judge that they must not consider the punishment, in the guilt phase of the trial. If the jury did indeed consider that Casey may be put to death if they found her guilty of first degree murder, then they broke the rules of the court.

You have all of these high and mighty intellectuals, like Alan Dershowitz, saying we must respect the jury’s decision. The hell we do.

I am an American citizen and when I see a Rodney King jury, which had a video tape of police officers kicking and beating him, but they said not guilty, I don’t have to respect that. When I see a Menendez’ brothers jury say the two brothers were not guilty of murdering their parents, because [as two female jurors said] they felt sorry for the boys because they didn’t have their parents anymore, I do not have to respect that verdict. When I see an OJ Simpson jury saying OJ was not guilty, despite all the circumstantial evidence, all the direct evidence, the mountain of blood evidence, and OJ having the means, motive, and opportunity for the murders, I do not have to respect that jury‘s decision. And when I see a Casey Anthony jury finding her not guilty, not only of 1st degree murder, but also 2nd degree murder, manslaughter, aggravated child abuse, and child abuse, I do not have to respect that jury’s decision.

Juror #3, your fifteen minutes of fame are over: Case closed.


bradley said...

big mike,
you summed up the problem with that jury in particular and our jury system in general--- the system is broke , it's all about lawyers games and brainwashing the morons on jury, NOT about finding the guilty--- how sad and embarrasing for america!!
brad b

Big Mike said...

Yes, Brad, it is sad and embarrassing. Your comments are right on.