Friday, July 15, 2011

Israel: Apartheid or Beacon of Freedom

From CAMERA  [Committee for Acuracy in Media Reporting in America]:

Every March, extremists converge on campuses across the country. For a week or two, they strive to sow divisions, encourage prejudice, and incite hostility.
They come as part of "Israeli Apartheid Week," a series of lectures, exhibits and events that single out Israel for fierce attack. Students are told the Jewish state is, by nature, a racist, colonial and oppressive state. They are told Israel should be boycotted, and even destroyed.

Oh, Israel an apartheid country, really?   Well let's take a look at these posters from the Elder of  Ziyon blog.  Thanks Elder of Ziyon blog!
Here is the home page of the great blog: Elder of Ziyon.
Hat Tip: to my wonderful Aunt Carla, in St. Louis, a tremendous supporter and friend of Israel!

Far from the outrageous, ridiculous charge of apartheid, Israel is the beacon of freedom in the Middle East.
God Bless Israel!   

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