Thursday, July 21, 2011

Glenn Beck: Those wanting to come after the Jews: Count me a Jew!

From the Christian Post: More than 5,000 Christians, many evangelical, from across America have gathered in Washington D.C. for a summit designed to show support for the nation of Israel.The annual conference of the group Christians United For Israel (CUFI) began on Monday and concluded Wednesday in Washington.

Glenn Beck in an emotional, stirring speech before the CUFI in Washington last night said the greatest shame of humanity is how when every time they come after the Jews, the world becomes silent.
He said never again. If they try and come after the Jews again, "Count me a Jew and come after me first."  "All of us should declare we are Jews, they can't kill us all."

Hat tip: Israpundit:  Glenn Beck highlights in speech before Christians United for Israel:

I am too upset and ashamed at those leftist Rabbi's who went after Glenn Beck to even say more on that.  You can read my past posts on that by going to the search at the top of my home page.
I will just say: God Bless the CUFI,  God Bless Pastor Hagee and God Bless Glenn Beck!


The Balladeer said...

Excellent!!! Michael!!!! I often get taken for a Jew on Twitter cuz of my tweets & my bio & I only tell folks I'm Catholic if they ask or if it comes up for some other reason!! Like Glenn Beck, I say "Those want to come after the Jews: Count me a Jew"!!!

Dennis Prager came out STRONG for Glenn Beck & his speech to Christians United for Israel on his show this morning!!!

Good job, Michael!!! Now get some sleep, my friend!!! God bless!!!

Big Mike said...

Thanks so much Balladeer and patriot!
What's funny is you sometimes are taken as a Jew and I, because of my support of Christians who support Israel, is sometimes taken to be a Christian. I consider both to be compliments!

Anonymous said...

Bravo Glenn!!! God bless Israel and all of His people. VancouverSOCON

Big Mike said...

Thanks James!