Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Fix is In

Ever since Senator Mitch McConnell came out with his "last resort" plan, a proposal that presumably was there just in case no other plan to increase the debt limit ceiling emerged, the fix has been in. I submit it was never a last resort plan. It was the plan.  It was inevitable from the start because it took everyone off the hook: the house members, senate members and the president. I should say, it took everyone off the hook, except our country. 
The cut, cap and balance plan sounds good and it puts the GOP house on record as supporting an important plan, but it has zero chance of passing the senate because of the balanced budget ammendment.  Everyone knows it. 
This gang of 6 plan [which depends on committees to actually come up with the details of the plan] seems to me more like smoke and mirrors.  The budget numbers guru, Congressman Paul Ryan, WI-R, said on Sean Hannity's TV show, that the numbers from the gang of 6 plan just don't add up. This plan has no chance of  passing the house and everyone knows it.

My prediction and I hope I'm wrong:
It will come down to August 1, both sides will say how much they tried but couldn't come to an agreement, so they must go for the backup McConnell/Reid plan. It will pass in the house, even though a majority of Republicans will vote against it. It will barely pass, mainly with Democrat votes. It will pass the senate with a bigger majority because McConnell supports it and so will the Democrats.
I say, why not try the 'cut and cap' plan, without the BBA aspect. Many on our side thinks the BBA is the critical part of the plan. I disagree.  I think cutting now and caping future spending is the critical part of the plan the house has just approved.  A budget balanced ammendment to the constitution would be so ripe with outs that must be included [like it won't take effect if there is a war to be payed for, if there is a crisis here at home--hurricanes, etc.] that it would be meaningless. I am all for the budget balanced ammendments that the states have, as they are realistic. States don't have to fight wars and they don't have the ability to print money like at the federal level. So, I say to the GOP, if it's not too late already, forget about the pipe dream BBA with today's senate. Go for C&C--no B. I could go for that and think the majority of Americans could too.
I hope and pray for our country's sake, that my prediction is totally off base. I wouldn't mind everyone telling me, I didn't know what I was talking about.   I'm afraid though, the fix is in.


The Balladeer said...

Enjoy your vacation, Michael!! I will miss your blog posts!! Meanwhile, I know that this one was hard for you to write. I have to say, I'm for taking a harder position than McConnell & those Repubs who want to cave to the White House! I say, we stick to the responsible position: Do Not Raise the Debt Limit. Do not Raise Taxes. Cut Spending. Cut back Obamunism! It's in the hands of the House to hold to that position, I believe.

Big Mike said...

Let's pray John Boehner and the House Republicans stay strong!!
No McConnell deal!