Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dennis Prager: America's exceptional triumvirate

Dennis Prager had a great Fourth of July show on his Dennis Prager radio show.  He told a story about how he was once asked to do a paper on what made America the unique, great country it is.   His first thought was the freedom we have is what makes America a beacon to all around the world. But he thought to himself, it must be more than that and he kept pondering to himself.  Then he happened to take out a coin and voila. The answer was so simple, right there all the time.  What makes America, a country like no other the world has seen?  It is what Dennis calls America's triumvirate.  Those three ideals that have been brilliantly put on our coins:
1. In God we trust
2. Liberty
3. E pluribus unum
Thank you so much for that brilliant insight Dennis Prager.

You are so correct.  We are a nation, as much as some liberals want to deny, inspired and blessed by God.  It is not in government we trust. It is not, what some believe now, in Obama we trust.  It is 'in God we trust'.  This is, and will always be, the foundation of our country.

From our Declaration of Independence comes the declaration of freedom and liberty for all.

Americans while coming from every country, every ethnicity, every religion have one thing in common.  We are all Americans.  Out of many indeed we are one nation. One exceptional nation. E pluribus unum: out of many, one.

Sometimes it is said that bad news comes in threes.
But as our coins reveal,  this good thing, this unique, exceptional country has come from three great ideals.   Take any one of these ideals away, and the greatness of  America would collapse.

God Bless Dennis Prager and God Bless America!


The Balladeer said...

Excellent Michael!!! Sneak preview: When my 3rd CD comes out, it will have a song on it inspired partly by Dennis Prager's frequent allusions to the Liberty Bell & its quotation from Leviticus. It's called "On the Liberty Bell" and the theme of the song is this: Passover brings us VICTORY OVER SLAVERY & Easter brings us VICTORY OVER DEATH!!! The two of these victories are fused in the symbol of the Liberty Bell!! It will be a key song on my 3rd CD called "I Sing for America"!!

Big Mike said...

Wow, that sounds fantastic Balladeer. As you can see on the right...your song on my blog remains the #1 viewed item in this blog's history. I can't wait [and maybe, try another video to go along with your song].

The Balladeer said...

Excellent!!! I have noted that you've kept my song w/ your video on your blog up there!!! thank you for that!!! & When my song comes out I will send it to you right away so you can start to come up with some ideas on what you might do with the song to make a video of it!!!!