Wednesday, June 8, 2011

You can't have it both ways Dems!

No man is perfect. Men will fail. Men will fall morally.  This is true for men of both parties and every ideology.

When  a Republican, and especially a conservative Republican, messes up morally, the left will jump on that individual, blast him and then bring up how the Republican party is supposed to be the party of morality, etc.  OK, I can understand that reaction.
When a Democrat fails morally, you don't hear the same talk from the left and they will say 'proudly' that is because we Democrats are not the party always bringing up family values and morality like those Republicans, so there is a difference. The they usually say it is a personal matter and has nothing to do with how good a job that person is doing.  OK, I will even give the Democrats that point.

But when the Republicans do talk about family values, about morality, and about the character of an individual, all of a sudden the Democrats become outraged.  They cry out, 'you act like you are the only party that cares about morality and family values'. They will continue 'how dare you say you are the party of morality.'

Well if you say you can be harsher on Republicans than Dems who fail because [as you say derisively] the Republicans are supposed to be the party of family values and morality, than don't become outraged when our party talks about family values and morality.

You can't have it both ways Dems!

So, my suggestion to all those unaffiliated with any political party, if you are an individual who cares about the importance of a strong family [starting with the marriage between one man and one woman], who cares about character and moral values, then the Republican Party is for you.     If you think that kind of talk is outrageous, then the other team will be more your cup of tea.....ooops, I mean your cup of coffee.  :-)

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