Sunday, June 19, 2011

Tchaikovsky cadenza exception.

In yesterday's post: Bravo Cadenza!!  I told you that the cadenza is usually played in the first movement and sometimes 3rd movement of the concerto and is almost always near the end of the movement.  Well in Tchaikovsky's magnificent violin concerto, he breaks the rule.  In the brilliant, beautiful first movement, the cadenza is played near the middle of the movement and not the end.  In the exhilarating third movement, the brief cadenza uniquely right at the beginning of the movement.  But have no fear, this exciting movement is filled with virtuosity playing by the soloist throughout. The breathtaking climax of the third movement and the concerto might have you leaping out of your computer chair in applause.:)
Watch for the short cadenza at the 13 second mark to the 48 second mark. Also, watch as the cadenza is nearing the end this great virtuoso violinist glances at the conductor to let him know it's time for the orchestra to come back in.

Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto in D Major, movement 3, Allegro vivacissimo

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