Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Strong GOP Field Will Soon be Made Stronger.

I admit it, I got carried away by the impressive GOP debate participants at the CNN debate and said the big loser was Rick Perry as this field showed how strong the GOP contenders were and the winner would surely be one of them.  I still believe we have a strong GOP field, but now I also feel that it wouldn't hurt if a strong leader came in to make it even stronger.   That someone I am talking about is found deep in the heart of Texas, Governor Rick Perry.  Perry is a strong conservative leader, the governor of a state that has led the nation in job creation during this recession. The reason: no state income tax, less burdensome regulations, tort reform, and Texas is a right to work state.  These are all strong conservative principles that the rest of the nation could benefit from if their states followed these principles.
Perry, like Romney is an impressive figure who looks presidential.  I have seen in person how he can be a fiery orator on the campaign trail.   Also, in a debate with Obama, I think Perry could destroy Obama just as he has done in his debates in running for governor [and also showed in the primary last time against Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison].
So, I apologize Governor Perry for writing you off too soon.  I think he will get in and be an immediate factor in the race for the GOP nomination for president.  So, I take the opportunity to revise and extend my remarks made after the CNN GOP debate to say that the winner of the GOP nomination will come from that debate or Gov Rick Perry.  I will not revise if and when John Huntsman enters the race as my crystal ball says he will not be a factor.

Here is Perry's speech before the Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans on Sat. June 18.  Trust me, while this speech is filled with his conservative principles and is very good, it is not as fiery as I have seen him on the campaign trail. 

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