Thursday, June 16, 2011

Relief pitcher Mr. O wants credit for cleaning up the mess.

The Dems always like to call Sarah Palin as the gift that keeps on giving.  No Democrats, the gift that keeps on giving is Barack Obama. Every day recently, Obama is doubling down on the 'great job' he is doing for this economy.  You could call that chutzpah or stupidity.  He gave an almost 'mission accomplished' self promotion cheer for the auto bailout.   He joked about the 'shovel ready' jobs he promised. Now he wonders where the credit is for his great work on the economy. This from The Washington Times:
President Obama told supporters at a fundraiser in Miami on Monday night [June 13] that he deserves credit for cleaning up the mess he inherited.
“My job over these first two years has frankly been to clean up a big mess,” Mr. Obama said at a $10,000-per-ticket event at a gated mansion in Miami Beach.
This is the guy that is supposed to have great political instincts?  With so many people out of work and so many people suffering under his watch, he wants credit for cleaning up the mess?

This would be like a relief pitcher, we will call him Mr. O, coming in a big game with his team down 3-0. He is coming in with the bases loaded and no outs. Yes, he has inherited a bad situation. He has inherited a mess. You can't take that away from him.  Well, Mr. O not only allows those 3 runners on base to score but gives up many more runs and without retiring anyone his team goes behind 12-0.
The manager comes out to the mound to take Mr. O out of the game.  Mr. O looks at the manager incredulously.  "I inherited a greater mess than anyone has ever inherited. Why are you taking me out. I should get credit for cleaning up the mess."

Some might call Mr. O delusional. Some might say that is insulting to people who have delusions.  

I would just call him a man who is about to lose his job.


bradley said...

He wants credit for a win but the team is down late in 4th quarter, no win in site--- yes mr anointed one, you can have all the credit-- credit for entering a tight game and turning it into a massive deficit ( no pun intended!!!) --- games not over but we better change pitchers in 2012 or the series is lost!!!

Big Mike said...

Very well put big Brad!!

The Balladeer said...

Another Brilliant post, Michael---Another Home Run, to extend your metaphor!!! Great job, my friend!!!!

Big Mike said...

Thanks so much patriot!!