Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Professor Barry Rubin: Obama's Ludicrous Proposal to Israel Unpacked

From American born Israeli Barry Rubin's great: Rubin Report
Could President Barack Obama's strategy possibly be more obvious to Israel? Not for the mass media, of course, but for Israel. Here's a summary: Due to the Obama Administration's ineptness, the Palestinian Authority (PA) is planning to ask the UN to give it unilateral independence in September. But rather than use its leverage against the PA--including pointing out that what it's doing is contrary to every U.S.-guaranteed agreement that the PA signed with Israel during the last 18 years--the Obama Administration wants to use its leverage on Israel to force it to save Obama.
 ............ To avoid the PA declaring unilateral independence without making any concessions, Obama wants Israel to accept what amounts to the PA getting independence without making any concessions! But it won’t be unilateral, right? Obama’s plan is for Israel to negotiate, turn over the all of the West Bank to the PA as soon as possible and then negotiate on all the issues with a PA-led state. Of course, that means Israel would give up all of its bargaining chips at the beginning of the negotiation rather than get something for them at the end in exchange for Palestinian concessions.
And, of course, Obama wants Israel to depend on his promises and support, not exactly reliable, right?

Rubin goes on: If Obama didn’t want to have to veto unilateral independence he should have been pressuring the PA to back down, the UN not to cooperate with this campaign, and his allies not to vote for it. Instead, Obama is seeking the easy way out: have Israel give the PA so much that it gives up the idea voluntarily.
Please read this important article by Barry Rubin in its entirety in Pajamas Media

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