Monday, June 13, 2011

Palingate falls the way of truthergate and birthergate

Donald Trump, embarrassed himself when he made a central theme to his wannabe campaign for president, the release of Obama's birth certificate.  Your embarrassment has been surpassed Donald by the main stream media. 
During the 2008 White House race for president the Associated Press, CNN and other main stream media organizations demanded that vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin's e-mails as governor of Alaska be released as they needed to vet her.  Of course, they would say they were only doing there job in order to vet a possible vice president. Forget the fact that they not only refused to vet the presidential candidate, Barack Obama, but covered for him every step of the way.

Well, the liberal media got their way as 13000 of Sarah Palin's e-mails over a 2 year period when governor were released on Friday.  Over 24000 pages of paper of personal e-mails from Sarah Palin.  The news media was salivating over the dirt they would find on this governor.  The stupidity it would show.  Maybe, just maybe, they could detract from scum ball Anthony Weiner, if they could dig up some personal impropriety from Palin.  Oh, boy the media finally had Palin just where they wanted her.....they thought.

I was at work on Friday but during break and lunch, I saw CNN almost gleeful in anticipation of what  the e-mails would show, that they had reporters combing thru that day. Forget Anthony Weiner, forget 9.1% unemployment, forget the tanking stock market, this was the story of the day.  I was lucky as at my last break, here came out the news of what they had found. I'm sorry I don't remember there names as I don't normally watch CNN or MSNBC, but the anchor had the guy on who combed thru the e-mails and asked him his overall view of the e-mails.  To the anchor's chagrin, the reporter told him the main theme of the e-mails showed a hard working governor talking about Alaska's business.  I have got to give that reporter kudos for being so honest. The anchor kept asking him leading questions that might show something bad with Palin, but the reporter kept saying no, there was really nothing there.
It showed Palin talking in the internet acronym text, [like LOL for lots of love--my example].  Ooooh, some scary stuff there.

The crest fallen anchor gave it a last shot and asked about the trooper gate issue, where Sarah Palin fired the trooper, what did those e-mails reveal.  Again the reporter said, it showed she wasn't obsessed with the situation as there wasn't much discussion of it.  I thought the male CNN anchor might start to cry. He finally told the reporter to keep going thru those e-mails, I am sure this is not the last we have heard about them.
Think again, dufus head.

This story has fizzled faster than truthergate and birthergate. You and the rest of your main stream liberals have been embarrassed once again.  The left leaning Politico pronounced: Palin E-mails: 'No bombshells'
Trust me friends, and you can take this to the bank, if the main stream liberals haven't found any dirt on Palin yet, there is no dirt there.    The media's glee over the release of Sarah Palin's e-mails has turned into their nightmare.  The effect of their ill advised efforts have actually boosted Sarah Palin's reputation.  How many politicians, or anyone for that matter, could have 24000 pages of e-mails revealed to the world and come out unscathed?

Palin vs the main stream media, once again [as Dick Vitale would say] is NC!   No contest, baby!


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