Tuesday, June 14, 2011

One word you can take from GOP debate: impressive!

As disappointed as I was in that first GOP presidential debate on Fox News a few weeks back, I was very impressed with all the candidates on Monday nights debate on CNN.
I think this will buoy up the GOP and conservatives knowing whoever emerges from this group of candidates will be a strong candidate against Obama and will be the next  president of the United States.

I think Mitt Romney really helped himself as he acquitted himself strongly in his answer on his Romney care.  That was a very strong answer when he said president Obama will regret he ever said he relied on the MA health care plan to structure his Obamacare. He said he would ask the president, "Mr president then why didn't you call me to ask about how our plan worked and what was right with our plan and what did not work well. He said if the president had called him he would have told him Obamacare would never work and it was bad for the nation.

Michele Bachmann was very impressive. I have always liked her but was even surprised at  how strong and confident she looked and sounded.

Except for some more wackiness from Ron Paul on foreign policy issues,  I think all the other candidates were on their game. If I had to rank them...and in this ranking they are not that far apart, I would rank them: 1. Romney 2. Bachmann  3. Pawlenty  4. [tie] Cain & Gingrich  6.Santorum 7. Paul

Newt Gingrich had a strong showing, but the reason I put him in a tie for #4 and not #3 was that he doubled down on his comparing Ryan's medicare plan to Obamacare.  That was such a big mistake and I think he hurt his chances of being one of the top tier candidates out of Iowa and New Hampshire.
I believe those top 3 candidates will be the top 3 in my list.  I like Rick Santorum and I liked his answers, but he still seemed a bit stiff and not as at ease as I was hoping.  Also, I could have gone either way on #1 and #2 as Romney and Bachmann were very close.

The big losers I think: Rick Perry and Sarah Palin.   With this strong showing by these candidates it will make it almost a certainty that one of these candidates will be the GOP nominee for president and the next president of the United States.  There will not be a cry for a new candidate after tonight.
Update: From one of the great tribbles on twitter @dbsnyder: The big loser in the debate: president Obama.  A close second: the MSM

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