Thursday, June 2, 2011

Let the Race Begin.

From : The Telegraph

Mitt Romney officially enters 2012 presidential race

Mitt Romney, the early front-runner in the Republican race to beat Barack Obama in 2012, has officially entered the presidential race, declaring that the US president has "failed America" with his handling of the economy. 

Romney gave this good speech in New Hampshire [Thursday June 2] to launch his campaign. While starting off a little slow, he warmed up and got better as he went along, I thought. 

I may be alone in this, but I think my post in March still applies:
Why Romney care won't hurt Mitt in the end.

I am going to give all the GOP candidates a good look, but if Mitt turns out to be our nominee I won't be disappointed.  He has the one quality we must have in 2012.  He can beat Obama!

So, now that Mitt has thrown his hat into the GOP nomination ring.  Let the race begin!


bradley said...

If he is the nominee, which I think can be winnable, the conservative right wing ( yes tea party, that's you also!) MUST fully get behind the ticket if we are to beat the blind Obama voters , who will be out in force!,

Big Mike said...

Exactly! The goal has to be to win this thing and get Obama out of there. To do that we must be united 100%.