Monday, June 6, 2011

Just a Bump, Mister President?

With the bad economic news coming out the last couple of weeks and especially the rise in unemployment to 9.1% and only 54000 jobs added in May, President Obama in Ohio on Friday said "there will be bumps in the road to recovery".   Bumps mister president?   These are Americans lives you are talking about. Unemployment, underemployment, not being able to pay mortgages, having trouble making ends meet with the high gas prices.  It can be called a bump in the road if it is all about you Barack and your reelection chances, but it is not just bumps to millions of Americans. It is a deterioration in their lives.

It kind of reminded me when AARP had supported Obamacare and thousands of outraged members, like me, cut up their AARP cards and sent them back into AARP saying they would not renew their membership. When tens of thousands ended their AARP membership, you had the spokesman for AARP say: "these are just drops in the bucket."  Well, when I heard that and my membership renewal came in the mail, I cut up my card and sent it back with the unsigned renewal notice and wrote to them, 'here are some more drops in the bucket for you.'   No AARP, these were angry American citizens whose lives you were trying to hurt with your support of Obamacare. These weren't drops in the bucket.

Well, mister president those bumps in the road and those drops in the bucket will unite to put you out of office in 2012!
Also, I hope all of you seniors who are in AARP do like thousands of Americans and cut up your AARP card and join AMAC the conservative alternative!

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