Friday, July 1, 2011

Hugh Hewitt on why the left despises Sarah Palin, George W Bush, and Michele Bachmann

The name of my blog is tales from a tribble.  A tribble is a listener of the Hugh Hewitt radio show, who tweets on twitter during the show using the hash tag #hhrs.  We tweet on topics about the show--most of the time....uhhh, sometimes.   :-)           With that disclosure, I still think I can unbiasedly say that the Hugh Hewitt radio show has the most intelligent political talk in America.  [Sorry Bill Bennett, but you're a close second].      Of course, when Hugh talks about his Cleveland Cavaliers and Cleveland Browns, he goes into an Obama hope and change theme. He hopes they change into winning teams.    If Hugh stays on the air until they both become winners, we are sure to have many more decades of listening pleasure of the Hugh Hewitt radio show.

One of the many gems from Hugh Hewitt came on Tuesday's show. After he said it, it was obvious to anyone who is not a liberal.   While it was obvious after Hugh pronounced it, I wasn't able to think of it before then.  

Keeping in mind all of the outrageous attacks that the left is now showering on  Michele Bachmann, Hugh asked: "The main stream media has attacked George W Bush, Sarah Palin, and Michele Bachmann unrelentingly. The question is, why?  What is the one thing they all have in common that has made the left attack them so viciously?"

Yes, that is a great question. The liberals attack anyone who is on the right, but why are they so vicious against these 3 in particular?  What do they have in common.  Some would say, well they are all conservatives, but that can't be it, because there are a lot of conservatives who the liberals don't go this insanely crazy over.    My guess was that they are all strong pro lifers.  That must be it, because the abortion issue is the one issue that liberals care about more than any other. The left can't stand anyone who is pro life.    
But no, that wasn't the correct answer, either.

So, what could Hugh have had in mind?  Have you guessed it?

Hugh said the reason the left hates these 3 people in such a vicious way is because they are all....drum roll.................................evangelicals.     Exactly!   If it is one group of people that leftists despise, it is evangelical Christians.  This is one Jew who can see that clearly. I am not clouded by a liberal ideology in being able to see the irrationality of the attacks on these 3 great people.
The left, by their words and actions, have shown they have an insane hatred for evangelical Christians.

One thing we know, this will never be a problem for Obama, as he is not a Chris.....oops, I mean he is not an evangelical.


Scot said...

I think that they're afraid of Evangelicals.

strongthought said...

Thanks, Michael, for another winner post! You have said it like it is. Slamming evangelicals in this backhanded manner slaps at our American ideals, freedom of religion and freedom of speech. They are blind to their hypocrisy.

Big Mike said...

Thanks Scot and Carolyn for your great comments.

Cathy York said...

I agree wholeheartedly, Michael, with both you and Hugh.

As an aside, some would argue (correctly so, I think) that GWB is less conservative than both Bachmann and Palin. He certainly governed that way when it came to the illegal immigration issue, campaign finance reform (he really should've vetoed McCain-Feingold), and even No Child Left Behind. I will always love him, though, for his strong leadership in the aftermath of 9/11.

Big Mike said...

I agree Cathy on all accounts! Thanks!

A Nonny Mouse said...

Aw, phooey. You're just one of those evangelicals clinging to his Bible and ... wait ... what? Oh, um, I see. Well, it doesn't matter, because BOOOOOOSH!!!1!


The Balladeer said...

As always, great blog, Michael! You might be interested to know that Michael Medved took up this same question the other day & gave this answer: Left despises Palin & now Bachmann "in order to drive up their support purely among conservatives," in other words to isolate them within a smaller base of support, Medved being very big on the opposite, of course. Just thought I let you know what Medved said in answer to the same question.

My answer? I think the Left does it out of an obsession! They can't help themselves! There is no design behind their madness! They're simply MAD!!

Big Mike said...

Great comments as alway Balladeer. I think the answer lies in all of our explinations. There is a little bit of all those reasons in there insanity. But one thing that is absolutely true is your last statement. They're simply Mad!