Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Guess which congressman said: "The internet is the predator's venue of choice"

Anthony Weiner in 2007 on his US House website:

Protecting Children On the Internet
"...we introduced & passed the KIDS (Keeping the Internet Devoid of Sexual Predators) Act of 2007, a bill to require sex offenders to register their e-mail and instant message addresses with the National Sex Offender Registry. The “Kids Act’ implemented one of my six recommendations to keep a closer eye on sex offenders both near school grounds and online. I also proposed stricter GPS tracking of sex offenders, tougher enforcement of registration laws and more public disclosure of sex offender data".

"Sadly, the Internet is the predator's venue of choice today. We need to update our strategies and our laws to stop these offenders who are a mere click away from our children"
Please congressman Weiner, for your wife, your family, your constituents, and the House of Representatives, resign now!


The Balladeer said...

But first we need an amendment to the Weiner Law: Exemption for Congressmen!! They get to Tweet all the Filth they want, then they get to CONSPIRE TO MAKE IT APPEAR THAT CONSERVATIVE BLOGGERS (Breitbart) ARE THE REAL CULPRITS!!! Yeah!! The Weiner Exemption!!!

Big Mike said...

HA! Yes an exemption for congressmen.... But wait, has any law they pass ever applied to them?
Great Balladeer!!