Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The double standard stops here!

Ever since Chris Wallace's  insulting "Flaky" question to Michele Bachmann, all  the liberal Obama sycophant media wants to talk about is her 'so-called' gaffes. If you think Chris Wallace was insulting [and at least he apologized to her personally] it has been nothing compared to how the MSM has treated her. They have insulted her in an arrogant,  name calling way. For ex., the snide Chris Matthews on MSNBC called her a balloon head.
I am sick of this. The hypocritical double standard of the media's onslaught must stop. I happened to be watching CNN today [Tuesday] and when talking about Congressman Bachmann, all they talked about were her so called gaffes. What made it even more sickening is how they did it in their arrogant, elitist, liberal, snobbish way.  You could feel from their words: 'we're liberals, we're intelligent, unlike you backward hillbilly conservative women.'
You wonder what the MSM would be calling her if she had made any of the doozer gaffes our brilliant commander in chief has made:

1. I've been to 57 states with one to go

2. Navy "corpse" man [this genius said in two different settings]


3. You could save just as much oil if  everyone just inflated their tires and got tune ups. [tune ups?---I guess they could do that after they watch their favorite show on their black and white TV, or listen to their favorite LP]

4.On this Memorial Day to honor the fallen, and I see many of you here today...

5. I wonder what the term is in Austrian?

6. The constitution written 20 centuries ago.

Michele Bachmann probably shouldn't do this herself, as her resume speaks for itself about her seriousness and intelligence, but I think every other conservative, when asked about Michele's gaffes and if that makes her nuts or a flake, should bring up the many Obama gaffes and ask the questioner if he or she thinks Obama is a nut.  hmmm Obama the flake...if it's a good term for Bachmann, then shouldn't it also apply to the annointed one?

And if Obama isn't good enough for you, what about VP Joe Biden...sheeeeesh, talk about gaffes...the only time that guy doesn't make a gaffe is when he is sleeping or silent.

Maybe Obama and Biden need to change their hope and change theme of the last campaign to: Vote Obama/Biden in 2012--the real flakes.


The Balladeer said...

Michael, ANOTHER Home Run!!!! A wonderful blog post!!! Every detail is just spot on!!! Well done, my friend!!!

Anonymous said...

You know, it's up to the Pub candidates to, time & again, rehash all of Obama's gaffes until it sinks into the proverbial public's collective head, as most people don't pay attention to this stuff unless it's pounded into their heads.

Big Mike said...

Thanks for your comments friends!