Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Chris Wallace flaky question

I have on a couple of occassions complimented Fox News Sunday host, Chris Wallace,  on becoming maybe the top host of a Sunday news show. (of course that might not be saying much considering the arrogant, liberal main stream media hosts)

Well now I have to be critical of him on this last Sunday's show, when he asked Michele Bacmann if she was a flake [after he read to her a couple of mis statements she had made].  When I heard that question, that literally mad me queasy in the stomach. We can't even depend on the Fox News Channel to not condascendingly insult a strong, conservative woman.

Congressman Bachmann gave the perfect response, first saying how insulting that question was and then letting Chris and the TV audience know of her many accomplishments she has achieved. The first thing that came to my mind was, I wonder if Chris Wallace had the opportunity to interview the president, with all of his vast amount of mis statements [i.e, 57 states, breathalyzer instead of inhaler, pronouncing marine corps-marine corpse two different times, ec, etc. etc] would he have asked Obama if he was a flake?   Mmmmm, I don't think I have to wonder.

What really impressed me was that Congressman Bachmann did not bring up mis statements by others, as I may have been attempted to do, but just called the question what it was-insulting and gave all of ther accomplishments, which proved how insulting that question was.

You handled a bad situation perfectly Michele. Bravo!

I understand Chris Wallace has apologized for asking the question which is good, but with the damage it has done, knowing the MSM will gleefuly use it in the future if Michele Bachmann's candidacy takes hold, Wallace must announce that apology to his Fox News Sunday audience on next Sunday's show.  Not just apologize to the audience, but to Congressman Bachmann personally.
Update:  I understand that late this afternoon, Chris Wallace did indeed call Michele Bachmann and apologize to her.  She said that she accepted the apology and now considers the matter closed.  Good for Michele and good for Chris for doing the right thing.

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