Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wow, I have to praise this Democrat's surprising comments!

This comment shocked the hell out of me.  And it came from my congressman. My very liberal congressman from my district in Houston: Congressman Al Green, D-TX [see second paragraph below].

From the Houston Chronicle website: President picked up, where Bush left off

Bush left office in January 2009 as the least popular president in three decades. But lawmakers from both parties said Monday that his aggressive efforts to combat al-Qaida will burnish his legacy. A small group of Texans gathered outside Bush's Dallas home Monday, leaving behind American flags and patriotic, red, white and blue balloons.

"President Bush has been proven correct," said Rep. Al Green, D-Houston. "He indicated that he would bring bin Laden to justice or we would bring justice to bin Laden. While President Bush isn't president, I do believe President Obama finished what President Bush started."

Thank you Congressman Green.   I always said I liked the singer better than my congressman but after that comment I change my mind.  :)   You showed so much class, and so much more class than president Obama in his speech before the nation by your recognition of president Bush.
Please  read my post: Thank you president Bush!

And thank you Houston Chronicle.  I admit because of your far left bias the paper had become during the Bush years as  president, I cancelled my subscription.  More articles like this and I just may renew!  Shocked me!

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