Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Where are the cheers from the Muslim world?

I know most of us remember the sickening scenes of Palestinian Muslims cheering in the street as the twin towers fell  when America was attacked on 9-11-2001.  Cheering when almost 3000 innocent people lost their lives in this horrible attack.   Well we were told, this was just a very small group of people as most of the Muslim world is moderate and just like you and me. We were scolded not to make a judgement on this great religion as it is a religion of peace.
Well I just want to see a same small group of Muslims in the street now.  This time cheering for the death of Bin Laden [who president Obama said is not a true Muslim].  I want to see them waiving American flags cheering our country as we have rid the world of this evil man.  Where are they?   I am not asking for a lot.  Just one small group.  There must be one small group of Muslims outside of America that are cheering for America and for the death of Bin Laden. Aren't there?

Also, maybe I have missed it.   I haven't heard reports yet of any Muslim leaders in the world contacting president Obama and thanking him and America for this fantastic, courageous act of our Navy SEALs.  I haven't seen any Muslim leader of any nation come out to express to the world a thank you to the United States of America.  Again, if I have missed this I apologize.

We are told time and again the extreme Muslims are just a tiny, tiny portion of the Muslim world. We are told the overwhelming people of the Muslim faith are peace loving and moderate people.

Is it too much to ask, where are they?


bradley said...

We are told that we are not at war against Muslims and ,despite the Koran , this is a peaceful religion , but the deafening silence of mosque leaders across the country, the absence of support from Muslim country leaders, and the lack of outward celebration of the death of a murderous terrorist, says all--- no doubt there ARE peaceful Muslims , but where in the hell are they??? I'm still waiting!!!

Big Mike said...

Me too, Brad! I think we will be waiting forever.

The Balladeer said...

Sometimes it must feel like "shooting ducks in a barrel"!! This one probably felt too easy, right?? I mean it's so dang OBVIOUS!! "Religion of Peace"?? Who do they think their kidding?

Wait a minute!! Actually, a lot of us do buy that nonsense, unfortunately!! Oh my gosh!!! LOL!!!