Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What will Bush hating liberal Alan Colmes say now?

Alan Colmes was on Bill O'Reilly's Factor show Tuesday night. O'Reilly asked him if  the information from rep Peter King that we got a key piece of information that led to the killing of Osama Bin Laden by our heroic Navy SEALs from water boarding, had changed his mind about the enhanced interrogation technique.  Colmes said he didn't believe that we got any information from enhanced interrogation techniques.  Then O'Reilly came back and said he and his staff checked it out and he is sure that some key information from Khalaid Sheikh Muhhamed was obtained from water boarding.  Again Colmes said he didn't believe it, and for proof he claimed that Sec Rumsfeld said no information was obtained from water boarding.  He said he saw that on CNN.
Well, the man himself Donald Rumsfeld was on Sean Hannity's show the following hour and Sean asked him did he really say that  no key information was obtained from water boarding.  Rumsfled said not only he didn't say that, he said just the opposite. He is 100% positive that key information did come from water boarding. What he told CNN was that water boarding was not used at Gitmo.  They used rendition [of taking the terrorist to a foreign country where he was thereby water boarded.] So, either CNN purposely lied or they are so incompetent they didn't understand what Rumsfeld had said.   Rumsfeld went further.  He said only 3 terrorists were water boarded, and information was obtained from all three only after we had water boarded them.

So, now Colmes once again has egg on his face. What can he possibly say now.  He said he believed Rumsfeld would know and he believed what Rumsfeld had said.  So, do you think he will still say he believes what Rumsfeld has said?        I don't either.   Liberals, especially liberals who are Bush haters will never admit that some action Bush took was good for the nation.  That's why liberals like Alan Colmes make me sick!

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