Monday, May 16, 2011

Two important articles over the weekend for friends of Israel

These two articles published on Friday May 13, 2011 from Israel are very important and troublesome for all friends of Israel.  The two articles are published by two of my favorite writers and both from Israel:  Barry Rubin and Caroline Glick

Barry Rubin in his Rubin Report published: Massive anti-Israel rally in Egypt
from the article Rubin writes:
Repeatedly we were told about the alleged absence of anti-Israel rhetoric and signs in Tahrir square during the revolution. I don’t think it was true then. I certainly don’t think it is true now.

check out the massive anti-Israel demonstrations in Cairo today. A picture is worth a thousand foreign policy mistakes that got us into this mess. That one is of the massive size of the demonstration; here's a nice one of an Israeli flag being burned.
Other demonstrations demanded breaking diplomatic relations with Israel and expelling the Israeli ambassador.

Remember all of those articles and statements about how the revolution was good for Israel if only those silly Israelis woke up and understand reality as understood in Berkeley and the Upper West Side of Manhattan?

Caroline Glick in the Jewish World Review writes about: Obama's Newest Ambush  
Caroline writes:
It is hard to believe, but it appears that in the wake of the Palestinian unity deal that brings the genocidal, al Qaida-aligned, local franchise of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Hamas into a partnership with Fatah, US President Barack Obama has decided to open a new round of pressure on Israel to give away its land and national rights to the Palestinians. It is hard to believe that this is the case. But apparently it is. 

On Wednesday The Wall Street Journal reported that while Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is in Washington next week, and before the premier has a chance to give his scheduled address to a joint session of Congress, Obama will give a new speech to the Arab world. In that speech, Obama will praise the populist movements that have risen up against Arab tyrannies and embrace them as the model for the future. As for Israel, the report claimed that the Obama administration is still trying to decide whether the time is right to put the screws on Israel once more. 

On the one hand, Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes told the Journal that Arab leaders are clamoring for a new US initiative to force Israel to make new concessions. Joining this supposed clamor are the administration-allied pro-Palestinian lobby J-Street, and the administration-allied New York Times.
On the other hand, the Netanyahu government and the US Congress are calling for a US aid cut-off to the Palestinian Authority. With Hamas, a foreign terrorist organization now partnering with Fatah in governing the PA, it is illegal for the US government to continue to have anything to do with the PA. Both the Netanyahu government and senior members of the House and Senate are arguing forcefully that there is no way for Israel to make peace with the Palestinians now and that the US must abandon its efforts to force the sides to sign an agreement. 

Please read these two important articles from these great Israel writers:  Barry Rubin  and  Caroline Glick

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