Monday, May 2, 2011

Thank You President Bush

Breaking news from Rep Peter King, R-NY, on Bill O'Reilly's 'Factor' show: we got key information about the courier,  from which was how we found where OBL was hiding, from Khalid Shaikh Mohammad in interrogation many years ago.  And the interrogation technique we used on KSM was  'water boarding.'    Thank you President Bush for Guantanamo, thank you for using enhanced interrogation techniques against key terrorists and thank you for the wire tapping of terrorists.  Because of all this advanced work we got key information that  made the killing of the evil OBL possible.   Thank you president Obama for pulling the trigger, and making a great decision on using the Navy SEALs, but without the policies of George W Bush this might not have been possible.  While you gave a good speech and the country is  proud of you, and especially proud of our fantastic, daring, brave navy seals for carrying out the operation, I think a little thank you to president Bush would have shown some grace on your part.  You must remember, if you had your way, those enhanced interrogation techniques would have never happened.

Yes, Thank you President Obama, but this is one American who won't forget to say Thank you President George W Bush.


bradley said...

The incredible intelligence that led to this animal is a TOTAL vindication of Guantanamo and water boarding--- bush and Cheney deserve great credit-- I also have to give great kudos to Obama for making the call to pull this off with the brave seals and to not tell pakistan ahead of time-- his decisions and timing with regards to this operation were impeccable--- for this day , thank you bush and Obama --- and this comment is NOT from an Obama supporter, not even close-- god bless the USA !

Big Mike said...

I agree 100% Brad! Obama deserves great credit for all the right decisions with perfect timing and also for taking the risk for the final go! Also, his not telling Pakistan was a great, correct decision. Thank you president Obama for your perfect moves to get this scum bag.
Most of the thanks should go to the heroic brave Navy seals and their support military. God Bless the USA, God Bless our military!

The Balladeer said...

I may have been a little slow in getting to this blog, Michael, BUT IT LIKE IT!!!!