Friday, May 27, 2011

A tale of two leaders

Here are two leaders in the world today.  A and B.  Can you guess who is A and who is B.  If you can't, then you mustn't have been alive these last 3 years.

A. Israel must stop settlement construction in the West Bank in order to promote peace.
B. "Israel is not the problem in the Middle East, Israel is the solution".

A. The basis of peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians should be the 1967 borders with mutual swaps.
B. We will never go back to the indefensible 1967 lines.

A. Both sides, the Israelis and Palestinians, must compromise for peace.
B. We are willing to make generous concessions but we will never compromise with the Palestinian version of Al Qaida.

A. "the withdrawal of Israeli forces to new borders "should be coordinated with the assumption of Palestinian security responsibility in a sovereign, non militarized state."
B.  Israel must always maintain a military presence along the Jordan River.

A. In a change from promise made to AIPAC in 2008 before the presidential election, Israel and the Palestinians will determine issues like the status of Jerusalem.
B. Jerusalem is, and will always, remain the undivided capitol of Israel.

A. This man's pastor and mentor for 20 years: G D America
B. God Bless America!

A. The United States is only an exceptional country the way that ever other country thinks they are exceptional.
B. The United States is an exceptional country.

A. Apologizes for American arrogance in the past
B. Praises America's sacrifices in the past

A. As a young man: a community organizer
B. As a young man: a commando in the IDF

A. Divides Americans, even referring to some as enemies, for personal political gain.
B. Praises Americans because of his love for them and for America.
OK, I don't think I have to give you any hints. A is president Barack Obama and B is Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu.

I chose B for Bibi!
I chose A for ...ah, ah, ah, not what you think........ arrogant.

Man I wish this was sports and we could make a trade, Obama for Bibi...but then again, I would never want to do that to Israel. 

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Sisi Shibui said...

I choose D for #THINKDIFFERENT :-)